Fun Activities for our Senior Citizens at Akanksha Home.

SRCF encourages seniors to explore what they are passionate about and we try to find out these fun activities which will give them happiness.

Board games and card games- Indoor activities to keep their mind active.
Reading books- for avid readers – novels, books, newspaper, magazine are arranged.
Movie time- so that all the elders can come together and have fun.
Musical Time- Music artists come to play bhajans and music as per our request. These melodies of bhajans have a miraculous effect on the seniors as it re-energizes their body, mind, and spirit.
Gardening- it’s an enjoyable form of physical activity.
Group walking- We encourage the seniors to take a walk around the building. To keep them active and to encourage them and also they can interact with other seniors and make friends.
Tea party- At evening time, most of the seniors come downstairs to have tea and spend time chatting with other seniors.

Free Spectacles Distribution to the Senior Citizens.

Eye screening camp was organised by SRCF team along with AFMC eye department at Ramtekdi, Pune.

Till now we have conducted two comprehensive eye check-ups  to screen common eye problems in senior citizen. We have examined total 192 senior citizens in which 26 senior citizens were advised for spectacles. Free spectacles were distributed to all the 26 senior citizens by SRCF which is supported by TATA Trusts and Axis Bank Foundation. After spectacles distribution, the seniors were monitored for their problems and regular follow ups are taken.

Along with AFMC ophthalmologist, we are planning to conduct more such camps for senior citizens living in and around Ramtekdi and our focus is to eradicate the common eye conditions.

For more information , please email us at or call on 9595157011 / 8380097015.

Lets celebrate the festival of colours !

Holi was celebrated with all the residents living in Akanksha Home on Thrusday, March 21, 2019.

The SRCF staff and seniors were seen smearing colours on each other. The colours are applied on each other to express love and happiness. The seniors enjoyed every moment in celebrating this festival and had fun playing with colours.

It was really wonderful to capture these colourful moments during the celebration.


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Eye Camp at Ramtekdi

The second Eye Screening Camp was organised by SRCF team at Ramtekdi on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

Senior Ophthalmologists and 3rd year MBBS students from AFMC had come to screen the elders for age-related eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, cataract, macular degeneration and other eye conditions.

Detailed eye check up was done to all the 253 patients who were registered at the camp out of which 95 were senior citizens. Patients with severe issues were referred to AFMC hospital for further investigations and treatment. There were 5 elders who were transferred immediately to the hospital for emergency evaluation. Counselling was given to the patients who needed surgical treatment and free cataract surgery is planned for 14 elders at AFMC hospital. Free spectacles will be given to 19 senior citizens by SRCF.

Different kinds of eye conditions that was screened in this camp is IMSC, Refractive errors, Diabetic Retinopathy, dry eye and other eye conditions.

The focus of this camp is to detect the eye diseases at early stage before it causes irreversible blindness. SRCF is planing to do more such eye camps and cover the entire senior citizens living in Ramtekdi and surrounding slums.

For more information, please email us at or call on 9595157011 / 8380097015.

Eye check-up Camp at Ramtekdi

Eye check-up Camp at Ramtekdi:

An eye check-up camp was organized by SRCF team along-with 10 Ophthalmologists from AFMC hospital in Ramtekdi area on 30thDecember 2018. This check-up was free of cost for all patients. Specialist doctors examined 210 patients out of which 97 were senior citizens.
Patients were screened for various eye diseases, 29 patients were referred for cataract surgery, 149 patients were referred to AFMC OPD for further interventions and 7 patients were advised for spectacles. Team made sure these patients were given utmost care and prescribed treatment. Medicines were distributed as required.

Free spectacles will be given to the senior citizens by SRCF which is supported by TATA Trusts and Axis Bank Foundation. For cataract patients free surgery will be arranged at AFMC hospital.

SRCF is planning to do more such camps and cover the entire population of Sr Citzens – 1000 or so in Ramtekdi and surrounding slums in this year. We are working with the AFMC team to do a more meaningful intervention for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration which are also common among senior citizens.
For more information , please email us at or call on 9595157011 / 8380097015.

Diwali Celebration at Akanksha

Diwali Celebration at Akanksha:
SRCF celebrated Diwali at Akanksha with all our residents. The team decorated the old age home with hanging of torans at the entrance, rangoli designs, decorated the temple with fresh flowers and lighting lamps.

Lakshmi puja is the important part of diwali celebration. It is the most auspicious day were we welcome the Goddess Lakshmi. The team and all the elders gathered together for the puja. They lit the lamps, fruits and sweets, as Prasad, were offered to the Goddess Lakshmi.

Sweets were distributed to all the residents after the puja. The elders enjoyed every moment in celebrating this festival.


To know more or to visit our Assisted Old Age Home Facility: Email us on or call us on +91 8380097015 / +91 9595157011

Bhajans at Akanksha Home

Bhajans at Akanksha Home:

 Shri Tushar Gurunath Kelkar is a classical vocalist and also instrumental music artist accomplished in harmonium. He is a gold medalist at State level. He is accompanied by Smita Avinash Narkhede who is also a vocal singer.

They visit Akanksha Home twice in a month to play bhajans and music for our residents. Singing the devotional songs bring joy to the elders and they actively participate by singing and chanting. The melody of bhajans have a miraculous effect on the elders as it re-energizes their body, mind and spirit.


SRCF encourages young or old musicians, whether professional or amateurs to sing, play an instrument or dance at the Old Age Home in Baner.

In case you are interested to perform, and practice while doing good, Please call +91 9595157011 or email us at hello@

Guru Purnima at Akanksha Home

Guru Purnima is a festival to express gratitude towards the Gurus and show respect for them. On this auspicious occasion 50 students, accompanied by teachers, from Educon International school visited Akanksha old age home.

The students celebrated the day by spending quality time with all the elders at old age home. They sang songs and took blessings by touching their feet.

The elders were elated and happy seeing the caring gestures of these students and distributed chocolates to all.

In case you wish to organize school visit to our centre so that young students can spend quality time with elders, please call us on +91 9595157011 / 8380097015 or email at


Mrs Urmilla Jadhav, aged 70yrs, was admitted to Akanksha Assisted Living centre in August 2017 with the diagnosis of dorsal cord spondylitis and compression at multiple level which caused weakness and severe backpain radiating to lower limbs and was completely immobile. She had undergone many medical and surgical treatment in the past but wasn’t completely relieved. She is a very strong and cheerful lady who loves to listen to music and believes in hard work and miracles.

Once admitted she was under the care of SRCF team. Her daily routine activities were taken care by the attendant and nurses. Physiotherapy played a major role in her recovery. She was given physiotherapy session twice in a day. Physiotherapists focused on myotherapy, spine mobilization and manipulation. Stretching of the quadriceps and strengthening of the bilateral lower limbs. Within 3-4 months she was able to move her lower limbs and turn around in the bed. Today, she is at a point where she can stand up and walk on her own.

She has made a lot of progress since the time she was admitted back in 2017 and now ready to go home happily.

To know more or to visit our Assisted Old Age Home Facility: Email us on or call us on +91 8380097015 / +91 9595157011