It’s a beautiful glass

Ageing is a universal process and truth. From humans and animals to trees and flowers, we all age. However it is our perspective that makes us look at a building, either as a ruin or a heritage site.

Human beings are driven by different purposes at various stages of their life. According to noted Psychologist Erik Erikson, the seniors in their golden years review their lives to find meaning. They assume the role of ‘guru’, who impart their years of wisdom to the next generations. Most of us can recall advises and some important truths of life handed down to us by the elders in our families.

Since elders find meaning in their lives by imparting their hard earned experiential knowledge, younger members of the family should make efforts to include them in the decision making process, and not just tell them the decisions. We need to change our perspective on ageing and the aged. They should be viewed as assets and not as liabilities.

A grandfather settled the age old debate on ‘a glass half full or half empty’ by pointing out to his grandson what was important – the glass being beautiful (Watch the video at

To help families take better care of their elders, SRCF provides several services for the elderly including Day Care services, Home nursing services and Physiotherapy services.
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Home is the nicest word there is

There is a saying that home is heaven for the beginners. After all, in spite of staying in the best resorts, across different cities/countries, all of us yearn the familiarity and comfort of our homes, modest as they may be. And this longing is stronger when one is in the hospital. People with chronic illnesses, look forward to returning to the warmth of their homes at the earliest. SRCF strives to fulfil this wish.

SRCF provides Home Care Nursing Services to individuals with short term and long term medical care needs. Our staff is trained and experienced in monitoring vitals, conducting basic geriatric exercises for muscle strengthening and co-ordination, assisting elders in activities of daily living, medication management, providing companionship needs, bed sore management, and are also trained in basic life support, in case of any emergency.

One of the most common and important issue dealt by our staff is the prevention and management of Bed Sores. Prevention strategies, followed by our staff, involve regular scheduled change of position, maintaining the patient’s hygiene and keeping them clean and dry. For managing Bed Sores, our staff carries out proper cleaning and dressing of the wounds with medicated solutions as advised by Doctors to alleviate the patient’s pain and speed up the recovery process.

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