Project Deeyaa

Elderly care in particular is moving towards dire straits. In India today, >60years population is ~ 100mm and will be ~ 143million in 2021. The percentage of most vulnerable population >80years will increase by 500%. Population ageing has profound social and economic problems as old age comes with several ailments. A population with a large number of elderly, needs more healthcare services and reorientation of current facilities and resources which is unfortunately not happening

As part of SRCF work with the elders of the Ramtekdi Slum, we are now launching Project Deeyaa- which will cater to the non-communicable diseases such as hearing loss, vision loss, reduced and loss of mobility etc which elders in the community face.

Initially, targeting 850 elders at an average cost of ~ INR 2700, SRCF will be providing the elders of Ramtekdi, hearing aids, intra ocular lenses, nutrient supplements, mobility and rehabilitation aids. Our on ground team at Ramtekdi, working out of our medical center called Anandchaya will be identifying these elders (process ongoing), providing these aids either directly or through Command Hospital where surgery may be required especially for eyesight related issues

Our focus is for the elderly to attain a certain standard of health and a better quality of life.

SRCF is currently raising donations for Project Deeyaa and is inviting readers to help generously. Since SRCF has 80 G registration, all donors will get 50% rebate in their personal income tax for contributions made to SRCF.

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A New Year, New Dream, New Approach

Since its inception SRCF has worked towards supporting dependent individuals and the aged to meet their physical, medical, social and emotional needs, be it at their home or at our Pune Centre. Responding to changing needs of people, SRCF added Day Care Services last year.

SRCF is now pleased to announce that we are starting a 24 hours Old Age Home and Assisted Living Facility at Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

This service will be useful for a wide range of people, including healthy and independent elders looking for a supportive environment to enjoy their retired lives; seniors requiring some assistance with their activities of daily living, and individuals requiring a higher level of medical care and daily living support than might be possible to provide at home. Our Day Care Services will continue to be provided at this Centre.

Care for residents will be provided by a qualified team of staff doctor, nurses, attendants and rehabilitative professionals – physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists who will help residents holistically. This facility is in an independent building, with three floors and a lift. There is ample space for activities, recreation and community events. It is centrally located with ease of access to Pune City and Mumbai – Pune Highway.

We would like to thank Tata Trusts for their continued support in our efforts.

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This is where the fun stuff happens

Albert Einstein once said that Play is the highest form of research, and he couldn’t be more right. Often looked upon by parents and other adults as a means to pass time, Play is of paramount importance in the motor, social, cognitive and emotional development of the child.

From repeating muscular movements, incorporating objects in play, to using imagination, and following rules and penalties in a formal structured game, children require different cognitive efforts. This is why we can amuse and engage a 10 months old baby in a game of peek-a-boo, while a 10 year old needs a more complex game.

Working with children with special needs, we have found Play to be an important and useful intervention technique. It can be used with children with Autism, Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Mental Retardation, etc. From helping the therapist establish a rapport to engaging the child into performing different expected occupational roles in a fun and purposeful manner, Play is an indispensable technique.

Our Occupational Therapist frequently employs Play in her sessions while dealing with children with special needs. It can be used to improve social reciprocity in children with Autism, cognition in those with LD, physical strength, grasp/prehension patterns and eye hand co-ordination in children with CP, etc.

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No one has ever become poor by giving

All work done by SRCF is driven by its vision to provide individuals with the best possible supervised, personalized and appropriate care, in order to restore optimal health, independence, dignity and quality of life, while making health care accessible to all. Working with this vision, SRCF started “Anand Chhaya”, a healthcare facility in the Ramtekdi community.

Besides providing medical services, SRCF is also working towards helping the community seniors procure monthly pensions. Under Pune Municipal Corporation’s Mata Ramai Bhimrao Ambedkar Scheme, seniors receive a monthly pension of Rs. 1000/-, while under the Central Government’s Shravanbal Seva Rajya Nivritti Vetan Yojana, seniors receive a monthly pension of Rs. 600/-. Since many seniors are unaware of these schemes or the process for registering themselves, SRCF is assisting them in procuring the required documents and filling the forms.

There are around 1500 elders residing in the Ramtekdi community, 500 of whom have already been identified by SRCF. Documentation procedure for 106 seniors has already been completed, with SRCF aiming to cover all 500 by December 2017. Although Rs. 1000/- may sound like a small amount to most of us, but it has vast implications for the seniors and the community.

Once the disbursal of the pension begins, the seniors will have a fixed amount of money at their disposal on a monthly basis without having to depend on their families. They could use the money for their medical needs and not ignore their health. Moreover, on a larger scale there would be an increase in the amount of money coming in the Ramtekdi community, which would not only boost the local businesses but also improve the living standards of the locals.

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Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation

As the year 2016 draws to a close, SRCF inaugurated its Senior Citizen Outpost Centre, “Anand Chhaya” in Ramtekdi for the elders of the community. The Centre is currently offering General Medicine OPD and Physiotherapy services and will soon be offering Dental services to the residents as well.

Ramtekdi community has over 1000 elders. In November of 2015, SRCF with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) conducted a survey on 500 elders of the community. The survey found 52% of the seniors to have Arthritis, 37% to have dental issues, 20% to have Blood Pressure and another 20% to have diabetes among other conditions.

In view of these alarming numbers, SRCF undertook the task of taking healthcare to the seniors ‘ doorstep and establishing a Medical Centre in the locality, for the benefit of the entire community. “Anand Chhaya” will provide health care services to the seniors at subsidized rates, so that neither the families nor the seniors themselves neglect their health.

The inauguration was met with a resounding response. More than 300 residents of the community attended the event, and the first day saw 65 elders registering for the services.

“Anand Chhaya” is not only the result of the effort put in by the members of the SRCF family but also the result of the kindness of people who shared our dream and donated to the cause. We thank each and every donor for helping us realize our dream.

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It’s a beautiful glass

Ageing is a universal process and truth. From humans and animals to trees and flowers, we all age. However it is our perspective that makes us look at a building, either as a ruin or a heritage site.

Human beings are driven by different purposes at various stages of their life. According to noted Psychologist Erik Erikson, the seniors in their golden years review their lives to find meaning. They assume the role of ‘guru’, who impart their years of wisdom to the next generations. Most of us can recall advises and some important truths of life handed down to us by the elders in our families.

Since elders find meaning in their lives by imparting their hard earned experiential knowledge, younger members of the family should make efforts to include them in the decision making process, and not just tell them the decisions. We need to change our perspective on ageing and the aged. They should be viewed as assets and not as liabilities.

A grandfather settled the age old debate on ‘a glass half full or half empty’ by pointing out to his grandson what was important – the glass being beautiful (Watch the video at

To help families take better care of their elders, SRCF provides several services for the elderly including Day Care services, Home nursing services and Physiotherapy services.
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Some Kids Fight with Cerebral Palsy Every Day; Who Do You?

Cerebral palsy(CP) is a group of disorders affecting development, movement and posture causing activity limitation in children. These disorders are attributed to injury to the brain before, during or after birth. These show as disturbances of sensation, cognition, communication, perception,drooling problems, seizures and/or behavioral disorders in affected children

CP has been classified based on the type of movement disorder (spastic, athetoid, ataxic, and mixed) and area of the body involved (hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia). Children having cerebral palsy find it difficult to achieve milestones such as rolling, social smiling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking etc at the expected age. For instance, a normal child typically starts rolling after 3 months or begins crawling at 7 or 8 months after birth, but a CP infant may show significantly delayed milestones achievements.

Such special children fight their own battle everyday to do what we take for granted like lifting a glass, walking or smiling. They struggle to achieve the smallest improvements if at all on a daily basis to acquire the skills to conduct such basic activites all of which we take for granted. They need your support as family,friends and society. This is the battle for support which we all need to fight for them.

At SRCF, we have a specialized set up for special children with all required materials and equipment to support their rehabilitation. Our team of experienced physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapist provide holistic care in an effort to make the child as independent as may be possible.

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October is all about Pink!

October is celebrated as Breast Cancer awareness month for spreading awareness and promoting early identification measures. There are different kinds of Breast Cancer, and they can be benign or malignant.

The symptoms of Breast Cancer range from a lump in breasts, pain in armpits or breast not related to menstrual period, a rash or swelling around the nipples or the armpits, to change the appearance of nipples and size and shape of breasts, amongst others symptoms.

A diagnosis of Breast Cancer is made by physical examination of the breast, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI of the breast, etc. Depending on the type, stage and grade of the Breast Cancer, including the patient’s health, age, and preference, the treatment ranges from Radiation therapy, Surgery, Biological therapy, Hormone therapy, to Chemotherapy.

Post-surgery, some individuals may find difficulties in performing arm movements, with reduced range of motion of the shoulder of the affected side and lymphedema being common complications seen. They may also become afraid to breathe or may become depressed regarding their physical appearance. Thus, a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation intervention is an important facet of the treatment.

At our Wanowarie Centre, our team comprising Doctor, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Psychologist offer a holistic approach to the management of individuals with post-operative Mastectomy.

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The heart that gives, gathers

Team SRCF was honoured to be provided with an opportunity to continue with our mission of providing quality care to seniors across varied socio-economic status by Tata Motors, who invited us to conduct a medical camp for the residents of an Old Age Home near Kamshet, this Sunday.

Most of the residents at the home were destitute and abandoned seniors, a majority of whom had subnormal intelligence. They had no place to go and no means to feed or take care of themselves with. This was evident in their health and appearance. Our Nursing Supervisor, Sub. (Retd.) O. P. Singh, took it upon himself to clean and dress infectious wounds of the residents, and even demonstrated and explained the procedure to the attendants.

Interacting with the residents, initially angered us at the apathy of their families. However, the anger did not last long in front of the seniors’ love for talking. The residents sought our team members to talk either about their homes and families or about their needs. The needs ranged from a simple notebook and pen to write in and keep oneself occupied with, to basic sewing instruments including buttons.

Located far from the city hustle, in a picturesque environment, the residents were sadly found to lack appropriate clothing, with most of them shivering post the unexpected morning rain. The residents were also found to have limited clothes, and almost absent footwear.

With the festivities of ongoing Navratri, and the upcoming festivals of Dussehra and Diwali right around the corner, SRCF requests you to consider these residents for your generosity.

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Touching hands, hearts, and minds

There is a saying that a physiotherapist will teach you to walk while an Occupational Therapist will help you put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away. And this is the most accurate description for Occupational Therapy (OT). It involves helping people live more independent and productive lives by incorporating meaningful activities to promote participation in everyday life, thereby improving the individual’s quality of life.

Occupational Therapists work with Senior Citizens to promote self-reliance among them by helping them overcome/compensate for their problems, preventing falls, making modifications in the home environment and working with their caregivers.

Our Occupational Therapist works with elders with diverse conditions ranging from Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease to Hemiplegia and Post Stroke conditions by focusing on what the seniors ‘’can do’’, and employ various cognitive and sensory techniques, including postural and gait training, and behaviour training in their treatment plan for the seniors.

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