Fun Activities for our Senior Citizens at Akanksha Home.

SRCF encourages seniors to explore what they are passionate about and we try to find out these fun activities which will give them happiness.

Board games and card games- Indoor activities to keep their mind active.
Reading books- for avid readers – novels, books, newspaper, magazine are arranged.
Movie time- so that all the elders can come together and have fun.
Musical Time- Music artists come to play bhajans and music as per our request. These melodies of bhajans have a miraculous effect on the seniors as it re-energizes their body, mind, and spirit.
Gardening- it’s an enjoyable form of physical activity.
Group walking- We encourage the seniors to take a walk around the building. To keep them active and to encourage them and also they can interact with other seniors and make friends.
Tea party- At evening time, most of the seniors come downstairs to have tea and spend time chatting with other seniors.

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