How to manage your Diabetes?

Diabetes can never be cured, however it can be managed with maintaining the following –

Taking regular Medications
Regular Exercise
Follow a Healthy Meal Plan
Monitor Blood Sugar Regularily


How Is Physical Activity Is Useful?

Physical activity moves sugar from your blood into your cells. The more active you are, the lower your blood sugar level. This is one of the ways you can manage Diabetes.
Remember that physical activity lowers blood sugar. Check your blood sugar level before any activity. You might need to eat a snack before exercising to help prevent low blood sugar if you take diabetes medications that lower your blood sugar.

Benefits Of Exercise

These five benefits have a DIRECT bearing on how successfully you manage your diabetes. Exercise also has other general health benefits – you sleep better, your mental state improves, etc.

Most experts say you should do exercise on at least five days of each week. Each session should be of moderate-intensity and should not last less than thirty minutes. The following activities could be classed as of moderate-intensity –

  • it helps control your blood glucose
  • it helps keep your weight down
  • it helps keep your blood pressure down
  • it helps raise your HDL (High-density lipoprotein), good cholesterol levels
  • it helps lower your LDL (Low-density lipoprotein), bad cholesterol levels

How Much Exercise Should You Do?

  • fast walking
  • swimming
  • cycling 5-9mph (level terrain, perhaps some slight hills)
  • dancing
  • rowing
  • mowing the lawn

What Is Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity?

  • You should experience some increase in your breathing rate
  • There should be an increase in your heart rate
  • You should burn 3.5 to 7 calories per minute
  • You should reach a METs of 3 to 6

How To Track Your Blood Sugar

  • Test Your Blood Sugar regularly
  • Record your Blood sugar readings in the Diary
  • Identify the Blood Sugar Patterns
  • Use your Blood Sugar results to adjust your diet and Insulin
  • Take help of your Doctor and Diabetes Care Team
  • Diabetic Card. Carry a card showing your name, address, telephone No, diagnosis, details of medicines, and last recorded blood sugar level.

How To Manage Diet In Diabetes?

Three things will have a major impact on your blood glucose and blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) levels

  • What you eat
  • How much you eat
  • When you eat


Recommended Diet

  • Carbohydrates: 55-65%
    • mainly complex carbohydrates
  • Fats: 20-30%
    • saturated 10%
    • poly-unsaturated 10%
    • mono-unsaturated 10%
    • cholesterol < 300 mg/day
  • Protein: 12-20%
  • Sodium: < 6 g/day
    • hypertensive diabetic< 3 g/day


Sample Of Diet Chart

Morning Tea Breakfast(8.30-9AM) Mid Morning 

11 AM



Afternoon Tea 



8 PM

10 .30PM
1-2 cups tea or coffee  ( no added sugar)  2 wheat chapaties/3 pieces of brown bread 

1 small piece of cottage cheese (15 gms)/ /1 egg whites

½ cup cooked mixed vegetables

1 cup of tea/coffee without sugar

1 Apple/Guava  · 1 cup of strained clear soup. 

· 2 wheat chapaties

· ½ cup rice

· Cucumber,tomato,carrot, onion salad

· ½ cup cooked vegetable

· ½ cup cooked dal

· ½ cup dahi ( skimmed milk)

· Grilled fish/chicken-75gm

1 cup of tea/coffee without sugar 

2pieces of marie biscuit

5-6 nuts

1 cup of strained clear soup. 

2 wheat chapaties

½ cup rice

½ cup cooked vegetable

½ cup cooked dal

½ cup dahi

50gm cottage cheese


½ cup of skimmed milk


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