Elder Day Care Center: Who can benefit?

Our elder day care center is ideal for elders with working family members & spouses who need respite from care giving during day. Further, in combination with our home care services we are able to support the elders during the night as well.

This allows truly professional rehabilitative services to be delivered without completely taking the elder out of the comfort of his home and family. In a survey, it has been found that elders living in old age homes and assisted living facilities can feel very depressed and this is often true for a majority of residents. A combination of day support at a professionally center and night support with a trained attendant/nurse at night without having to consign elders to an old age home will work for those who are aware of the reality of Indian Old Age Homes and Dementia Management Centers.

Such an approach will help patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism to delay progression of such degenerative diseases. Besides, our physiotherapy services also help recovering stroke patients and in others create a feeling of well being and reduce the decline in health for those with degenerative diseases.  Therapeutic activities, group and individual will create a sense of well being, reduce stress and help in elders regaining some confidence.

In fact, generally healthy elders who need close medical monitoring, support and feel that they need physical, mental & social stimulation through companionship will also benefit.

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