SRCF Impact: Great improvement in a 72 year old elder’s behavior.

Our Patient Story: A 72 year old resident of Viman Nagar, Pune joined SRCF’s Elder Day Care Centre on 07 Dec 2015. He was born in Karachi (Pakistan) in 1943 and shifted to India on partition. His mental development was improper since childhood as he has had a history of head injury.  Although, he is in good physical health and is able to take care of all his daily activities, he has problem of memory retention, recalling events, and often feels disoriented as regards time and place. He has problem of judgement and has limited problem solving skills. His relatives mentioned that he was unable to sleep at home at night even though he was on sedatives, once during the day and one before sleeping.

When he joined our centre, he was restless and complained of headache, flatulence and insomnia, all of which were psychosomatic in nature. This was affecting his diet. His family was unable to find what to feed him – everything seemed to cause more bothersome gas and headache.

After joining SRCF Elder Day Care Centre he was put through a creative use of physiotherapy equipment to treat his psychosomatic symptoms of headache, gas etc. Since joining, he has increased his exercise time to include stationary cycling and has commenced the weekly yoga session. He is eating better and is less worried about his symptoms which have reduced significantly.

The nursing and activities team engaged with him with simple jigsaw puzzles. His ability to do more complex puzzles has increased in the supportive environment at the center. He also spends some time on creative activities like using color pencils, crayons and is keen to show his art work to everyone.

He has become comfortable traveling every day to and fro to the center at Wanworie from Viman Nagar and over time, he has been able to increase the number of hours that he spends at the center.

His family members in consultation with his treating doctor stopped the afternoon dose of sedative so he is more alert and willing to participate in activities. He returns home every day, more peaceful and willing to sleep. He has started sleeping well through the night.

Team SRCF is happy that his family also get rest during the day and are able to pursue their own interests. They too now sleep peacefully along with the patient through the night, something that had become a distant memory.

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