Life Story activity programme at SRCF

Our lives may be reconstructed from our memories. We are what we have lived. This is our identity. With or without the help of pictures, certificates, music or souvenirs, we live and do as the people we know we are. What do you do when you begin to lose, or not know, who you are?

In December 2015, Shikha of Caregivers Link got in touch with us at our multi-activity and day care centre for seniors at Wanawrie in Pune. Caregivers Link is a social venture focusing on care relationships with the intention of designing and offering solutions and services across multiple care circumstances.

We have found much in common in our approach to work. This has led to their designing a pilot activity project for us, based on Life Story work processes, that we refer to as ‘Meri kahani’.

As described on the Caregivers Link website:-

‘There are many ways by which people are trying to address such issues of loss of self, of memory and identity. Many of the currently practiced ways, some still evolving, are within the framework of therapy, or take the memory clinic approach, tackling issues viewed as some form of disorder.

Then there are personal ways. These are home grown, generally practiced within informal family settings, close relationships, dependent on the people involved in these relationships, on the time they have to spend with each other and on the quality of that time spent together. So sometimes there is conversation, reliving happy times, looking at old photographs or a collection of matchboxes, talking about shared memories that lead to story sessions.

These are Life Stories. Each of us has them. Our life stories are who we are.’

Based on this concept, our programme is evolving into a structured activity effort. Read more about this programme here. Tell us what you think. We would like your feedback, thoughts and suggestions.images__11_