Creating awareness about Dementia

The Pune Chapter of Dignity Foundation, with support from Pune Municipal Corporation, had organized a two day conference on ‘Frontiers in Medicine’ on the 28th and 29th of May. The conference was organized exclusively for Senior Citizens in order to create awareness about the different age related health issues.

Team SRCF was a part of this initiative and brought the seniors attention to Dementia. The common signs of Dementia were described, and the difference between normal ageing process and the symptoms of Dementia were explained. The seniors were also educated about the steps to follow in case they suspected a loved one to have Dementia.

SRCF has a Senior Citizen Dementia Day Care Centre, located in Wanowarie, where the seniors’ Dementia specific needs are addressed and taken care of.

To know more: Email us on or call us on +91 9579357008.

Seeing beyond the disabilities

An 82 year old lady diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is attending our Day Care Program since the past one month. She requires assistance with all activities of daily living and is unable to recognize people or name common objects. She also constantly fidgets and paces around.

During her first week with us, we observed her preference for cleanliness and order which her family also confirmed. At SRCF, we focus on the patient’s abilities as opposed to their impairments while creating intervention plans. Our psychologist scattered a deck of cards on the table and soon enough she stacked them neatly. We kept unfolded clean hand towels in front of her which she neatly folded. We have created other similar activities using commonly available objects to tap her current abilities, keeping in mind her recognized preferences.

Her fidgeting and pacing have now reduced without increasing her medications. Her family has renewed her stay with us.

To know more: Email us on or call us on +91 9579357008.