Physiotherapy Day Care Program for special children

SRCF’s youngest beneficiary is a much adored 2.5 year old boy with Flaccid Cerebral Palsy and developmental delay. His parents enrolled him in our Physiotherapy Day Care program 2 months back. At that time he was unable to hold his head steady due to weakness in the neck muscles (Grade + 1). In addition, both his upper and lower limbs were also weak (Grade + 2).

Our team of experienced physiotherapists developed a therapy plan for him, with a blend of Stroking techniques, Myotherapy, strengthening exercises for the core muscles as well as bilateral upper and lower limbs, and proper body positioning strategies.

Currently, he is able to hold his head steady, maintain sitting position with support and has recently started standing with orthotics support, much to the delight of his parents and our in-house treatment team.

At SRCF, it is our constant endeavour to develop effective care and rehabilitation programs. The Physiotherapy Day Care Program for special children is one such initiative.

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Smiles, laughter, fun and Djembes

Continuing with the monthly community activities, Team SRCF in collaboration with Taal Inc., conducted a Community Drum Circle for senior citizens on Saturday, 4th June.

The seniors’ were initially worried about never having played a musical instrument before and although excited, they were unsure about performing a new activity. But this worry and hesitation was quickly and expertly dispelled by the charming Anshu Kering, the Drum Circle facilitator for the evening. The senior’s took to her delightful manner, and once the ice was broken all that followed was music.

The seniors took to their djembes enthusiastically, following instructions with wide smiles across their faces, and giggles and laughter as companions. Their enthusiasm, vigour and enjoyment reaffirmed our faith in our work, and strengthened our resolve to bring more such interesting activities for our seniors.

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