Touching hands, hearts, and minds

There is a saying that a physiotherapist will teach you to walk while an Occupational Therapist will help you put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away. And this is the most accurate description for Occupational Therapy (OT). It involves helping people live more independent and productive lives by incorporating meaningful activities to promote participation in everyday life, thereby improving the individual’s quality of life.

Occupational Therapists work with Senior Citizens to promote self-reliance among them by helping them overcome/compensate for their problems, preventing falls, making modifications in the home environment and working with their caregivers.

Our Occupational Therapist works with elders with diverse conditions ranging from Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease to Hemiplegia and Post Stroke conditions by focusing on what the seniors ‘’can do’’, and employ various cognitive and sensory techniques, including postural and gait training, and behaviour training in their treatment plan for the seniors.

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Not all treasure is Silver and Gold

According to a Chinese proverb, ‘If a family has an old person in it, it possesses a jewel’. However, most families are unable to look after their elders. Hectic work schedules, relocation, looking after their own families are some of the reasons why children are unable to provide their seniors with the kind of support and time that the latter requires. For some seniors, many days pass before they interact with anyone. Thus, SRCF envisioned a Community driven Senior Citizen Care Program with an underlying belief that the communities must support their seniors.

SRCF has tied up with Salunke Vihar Society and has started a Senior Citizen Care Program for its residents. Already in its first phase, SRCF has identified seniors who will benefit the most from this program and will provide monthly medical check-ups (including vital monitoring, systemic examination), besides assessing safety standards, providing health education, setting up an emergency plan, and advise accordingly. Regular monitoring can help prevent future emergencies and reduce worsening of existing medical conditions.

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Remember Me

Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name?” but Kelly Gunderson would argue against it. Kelly’s 87-year-old mother has Alzheimer’s Disease, a neurodegenerative and progressive condition that affects memory, language and thinking abilities. A video showing her mother recognizing Kelly and calling her name out shows the unadulterated joy that all caregivers and families of Persons with Dementia (PwDs) will relate to (Watch the video and read more at

September 21st is celebrated globally as World Alzheimer’s Day, with a mission to increase awareness about the illness, reduce stigma and improve the quality of life for PwDs. This year’s theme for World Alzheimer’s Month is “Remember Me”, an apt theme considering how loved ones and caregivers treasure each and every moment they share with their PwDs.

SRCF understands the value of these memories and attempts to increase these through its Dementia Day Care Centre at Wanowarie. Recreational, Cognitive, and Social activities are designed for the PwDs to stall the progression of the illness so that they can create many more memories with their families.

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Ability is greater than Disability

Deepa Malik has become a household name after winning a Silver medal, in Shot Put, in the ongoing Paralympics. Smashing all stereotypes, she has stormed ahead and silenced all those who doubted her “ability”. She has come a long way since 1999 when she became confined to a wheelchair due to spinal tumours. Her constant partner in this journey has been her grit and determination, which at 46 years of age, made her the oldest athlete in the Indian contingent to win a medal in Paralympics. Physiotherapy played a major part in Deepa’s rehabilitation.

SRCF offers Physiotherapy services through its Centre or home-based services. In cases of Paraplegia, our Physiotherapists offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from Manual Therapy which includes passive movement exercises to improve muscle tone, active assisted exercises to support a range of motion of joints, along with strengthening and core exercises, and gait and balance training.

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Home is the nicest word there is

There is a saying that home is heaven for the beginners. After all, in spite of staying in the best resorts, across different cities/countries, all of us yearn the familiarity and comfort of our homes, modest as they may be. And this longing is stronger when one is in the hospital. People with chronic illnesses, look forward to returning to the warmth of their homes at the earliest. SRCF strives to fulfil this wish.

SRCF provides Home Care Nursing Services to individuals with short term and long term medical care needs. Our staff is trained and experienced in monitoring vitals, conducting basic geriatric exercises for muscle strengthening and co-ordination, assisting elders in activities of daily living, medication management, providing companionship needs, bed sore management, and are also trained in basic life support, in case of any emergency.

One of the most common and important issue dealt by our staff is the prevention and management of Bed Sores. Prevention strategies, followed by our staff, involve regular scheduled change of position, maintaining the patient’s hygiene and keeping them clean and dry. For managing Bed Sores, our staff carries out proper cleaning and dressing of the wounds with medicated solutions as advised by Doctors to alleviate the patient’s pain and speed up the recovery process.

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Parents – Our North Star

With the festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi currently ongoing, there are numerous recitations of stories about Lord Ganesha’s wisdom and intelligence. An all-time favourite story recounts a race between Ganesha and his older brother, Kartikeya, three times around the World. While Kartikeya sped off on his peacock to complete the task, Ganesha quietly circled thrice around his parents, and stated that his parents were his entire Universe.

As we grow older and stronger, our Universe expands, and we forget that our parents are also growing older and weaker. We usually emphasise on health related issues but end up ignoring home safety measures, which can aid in ageing safely at home. Conditions such as poor eyesight, impaired mobility, Arthritis, etc., are some of the conditions that should make one think of making modifications to our seniors’ homes.

Good and easy access lighting, rearrangement of furniture and removal of wires/cords from common walking areas, removal of unsecured carpets/rugs, placement of non-skid rubber mats and sturdy grab rails in the bathrooms, are some simple modifications that can be done at nominal costs to reduce risk of falls and increase seniors’ functionality.

To further increase the senior’s range of movements and mobility, SRCF provides physiotherapy sessions to Senior Citizens across Pune, either through home visits or at the Elder Day Care Centre at Wanowarie.

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Memories – Return tickets to moments long gone

Memories are a beautiful thing. They let us relive a million feelings, a thousand thoughts, our childhood, and our youth. They are a way for us to hold onto things we love and the things we never want to lose. We are able to remember and cherish most of our ‘firsts’ thanks to them – our first friend, pet, salary, car, love. The day we graduated, got married, had kids, saw them get married, etc., are moments we will cherish till the end. They also help us feel the love and warmth of our dear ones, no longer with us.

These memories, which we consider a blessing and take for granted, are exactly what Persons with Dementia (PwDs) start losing. A neuro-degenerative disease, Dementia affects the memory of the PwDs, robbing them of moments they once held close to their hearts.

The month of September is celebrated globally as ‘World Alzheimer’s Month’ to create awareness in public about Dementia and to fight the stigma related to it. To address these very same issues, SRCF has started an Elder Dementia Day Care Centre at Wanowarie, in Pune.

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