October is all about Pink!

October is celebrated as Breast Cancer awareness month for spreading awareness and promoting early identification measures. There are different kinds of Breast Cancer, and they can be benign or malignant.

The symptoms of Breast Cancer range from a lump in breasts, pain in armpits or breast not related to menstrual period, a rash or swelling around the nipples or the armpits, to change the appearance of nipples and size and shape of breasts, amongst others symptoms.

A diagnosis of Breast Cancer is made by physical examination of the breast, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI of the breast, etc. Depending on the type, stage and grade of the Breast Cancer, including the patient’s health, age, and preference, the treatment ranges from Radiation therapy, Surgery, Biological therapy, Hormone therapy, to Chemotherapy.

Post-surgery, some individuals may find difficulties in performing arm movements, with reduced range of motion of the shoulder of the affected side and lymphedema being common complications seen. They may also become afraid to breathe or may become depressed regarding their physical appearance. Thus, a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation intervention is an important facet of the treatment.

At our Wanowarie Centre, our team comprising Doctor, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Psychologist offer a holistic approach to the management of individuals with post-operative Mastectomy.

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The heart that gives, gathers

Team SRCF was honoured to be provided with an opportunity to continue with our mission of providing quality care to seniors across varied socio-economic status by Tata Motors, who invited us to conduct a medical camp for the residents of an Old Age Home near Kamshet, this Sunday.

Most of the residents at the home were destitute and abandoned seniors, a majority of whom had subnormal intelligence. They had no place to go and no means to feed or take care of themselves with. This was evident in their health and appearance. Our Nursing Supervisor, Sub. (Retd.) O. P. Singh, took it upon himself to clean and dress infectious wounds of the residents, and even demonstrated and explained the procedure to the attendants.

Interacting with the residents, initially angered us at the apathy of their families. However, the anger did not last long in front of the seniors’ love for talking. The residents sought our team members to talk either about their homes and families or about their needs. The needs ranged from a simple notebook and pen to write in and keep oneself occupied with, to basic sewing instruments including buttons.

Located far from the city hustle, in a picturesque environment, the residents were sadly found to lack appropriate clothing, with most of them shivering post the unexpected morning rain. The residents were also found to have limited clothes, and almost absent footwear.

With the festivities of ongoing Navratri, and the upcoming festivals of Dussehra and Diwali right around the corner, SRCF requests you to consider these residents for your generosity.

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