It’s a beautiful glass

Ageing is a universal process and truth. From humans and animals to trees and flowers, we all age. However it is our perspective that makes us look at a building, either as a ruin or a heritage site.

Human beings are driven by different purposes at various stages of their life. According to noted Psychologist Erik Erikson, the seniors in their golden years review their lives to find meaning. They assume the role of ‘guru’, who impart their years of wisdom to the next generations. Most of us can recall advises and some important truths of life handed down to us by the elders in our families.

Since elders find meaning in their lives by imparting their hard earned experiential knowledge, younger members of the family should make efforts to include them in the decision making process, and not just tell them the decisions. We need to change our perspective on ageing and the aged. They should be viewed as assets and not as liabilities.

A grandfather settled the age old debate on ‘a glass half full or half empty’ by pointing out to his grandson what was important – the glass being beautiful (Watch the video at

To help families take better care of their elders, SRCF provides several services for the elderly including Day Care services, Home nursing services and Physiotherapy services.
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Some Kids Fight with Cerebral Palsy Every Day; Who Do You?

Cerebral palsy(CP) is a group of disorders affecting development, movement and posture causing activity limitation in children. These disorders are attributed to injury to the brain before, during or after birth. These show as disturbances of sensation, cognition, communication, perception,drooling problems, seizures and/or behavioral disorders in affected children

CP has been classified based on the type of movement disorder (spastic, athetoid, ataxic, and mixed) and area of the body involved (hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia). Children having cerebral palsy find it difficult to achieve milestones such as rolling, social smiling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking etc at the expected age. For instance, a normal child typically starts rolling after 3 months or begins crawling at 7 or 8 months after birth, but a CP infant may show significantly delayed milestones achievements.

Such special children fight their own battle everyday to do what we take for granted like lifting a glass, walking or smiling. They struggle to achieve the smallest improvements if at all on a daily basis to acquire the skills to conduct such basic activites all of which we take for granted. They need your support as family,friends and society. This is the battle for support which we all need to fight for them.

At SRCF, we have a specialized set up for special children with all required materials and equipment to support their rehabilitation. Our team of experienced physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapist provide holistic care in an effort to make the child as independent as may be possible.

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