Mrs Urmilla Jadhav, aged 70yrs, was admitted to Akanksha Assisted Living centre in August 2017 with the diagnosis of dorsal cord spondylitis and compression at multiple level which caused weakness and severe backpain radiating to lower limbs and was completely immobile. She had undergone many medical and surgical treatment in the past but wasn’t completely relieved. She is a very strong and cheerful lady who loves to listen to music and believes in hard work and miracles.

Once admitted she was under the care of SRCF team. Her daily routine activities were taken care by the attendant and nurses. Physiotherapy played a major role in her recovery. She was given physiotherapy session twice in a day. Physiotherapists focused on myotherapy, spine mobilization and manipulation. Stretching of the quadriceps and strengthening of the bilateral lower limbs. Within 3-4 months she was able to move her lower limbs and turn around in the bed. Today, she is at a point where she can stand up and walk on her own.

She has made a lot of progress since the time she was admitted back in 2017 and now ready to go home happily.

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