Ability is greater than Disability

Deepa Malik has become a household name after winning a Silver medal, in Shot Put, in the ongoing Paralympics. Smashing all stereotypes, she has stormed ahead and silenced all those who doubted her “ability”. She has come a long way since 1999 when she became confined to a wheelchair due to spinal tumours. Her constant partner in this journey has been her grit and determination, which at 46 years of age, made her the oldest athlete in the Indian contingent to win a medal in Paralympics. Physiotherapy played a major part in Deepa’s rehabilitation.

SRCF offers Physiotherapy services through its Centre or home-based services. In cases of Paraplegia, our Physiotherapists offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from Manual Therapy which includes passive movement exercises to improve muscle tone, active assisted exercises to support a range of motion of joints, along with strengthening and core exercises, and gait and balance training.

To know more: Email us on hello@src.foundation or call us on +91 8380087035.

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