Caring for the Caregivers

The effects of Dementia is akin to throwing a stone in water. Just like the stone disturbs the surrounding water, a diagnosis of Dementia affects not only the individual but also their families. The families gradually essay the role of caregivers and make a number of adjustments to their schedules in order to provide for Persons with Dementia. However, more often than not, the caregivers’ work is not acknowledged. They receive poor support from society, and are usually judged instead.

This lack of support has far-reaching effects on the caregivers’ physical, psychological and social health. Most caregivers report low mood, anxious thoughts and stress, due to the high care demands placed on them. Recently an 87 year old senior killed his 81 year old wife suffering from Dementia, in the United Kingdom (Read more at Although an extreme and isolated event, it brings to attention the need to support caregivers in their uphill task.

At our Elder Day Care Centre, monthly sessions are held with the caregivers to address their needs, and to assist them in supporting their loved one.

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