Colorado Dating Laws and Rules for Minors

Colorado Dating Laws and Rules for Minors

2.1. The alleged victim is making false accusations

A powerful protection to a breach of Colorado’s dating law is the fact that the target is making false accusations.

The false accusations defense claims that the target is making things up for the motive that is ulterior. This ulterior motive can be to:

  • Retaliate against you,
  • Publically pity you, or
  • Gain the sympathy of other people at your cost.

It is possible to help your false accusations protection with proof of that ulterior motive. This undercuts the victim’s integrity that is alleged.

Example: Tom’s dad cheated with Teresa’s mother, causing a breakup. Getting straight right straight back at them, Teresa accuses Tom of statutory rape.

2.2. Wedding

CRS 18-3-402 only prohibits sexual conduct on a non-spouse. For you to break the law if you were married to the alleged victim, there is no way.

2.3. There clearly was no intimate conduct

Statutory rape calls for intimate penetration or intrusion. If conduct such as this failed to take place, it may be a stronger protection to a rape charge that is statutory.

Proving that there is no conduct that is sexual though, is hard. It usually can become situation of “he said, she stated.” This protection requires showing that you’re more trustworthy compared to target. Continue reading “Colorado Dating Laws and Rules for Minors”