Free third eye screening camp

A free eye check up camp was conducted by SRCF and a team of opthalmologists on 22nd Dec19 at Ramtekdi slum. This is the third eye screening camp in the year 2019.

There were total 276 patients , out of them,115 were senior citizen. All the registered patients were examined by the experts for different eye conditions like cataract, glaucoma, refractive error, age related macular degeneration problems etc. Out of 115 senior citizen, 36 diagnosed for cataract, 35 for refractive error and 69 were referred to the hospital for further evaluation.

Lastly, SRCF would like to acknowledge the work done by the Opthalmology Department of AFMC and also the community mobilization effort taken by the SRCF team.

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Free Spectacles Distribution to the Senior Citizens.

Eye screening camp was organised by SRCF team along with AFMC eye department at Ramtekdi, Pune.

Till now we have conducted two comprehensive eye check-ups  to screen common eye problems in senior citizen. We have examined total 192 senior citizens in which 26 senior citizens were advised for spectacles. Free spectacles were distributed to all the 26 senior citizens by SRCF which is supported by TATA Trusts and Axis Bank Foundation. After spectacles distribution, the seniors were monitored for their problems and regular follow ups are taken.

Along with AFMC ophthalmologist, we are planning to conduct more such camps for senior citizens living in and around Ramtekdi and our focus is to eradicate the common eye conditions.

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Cataract Eradication Initiative

  1. Free comprehensive eye camp screening  were conducted in the months of Dec 2018 and Feb 2019 by the SRCF team and AFMC ophthalmologists for the senior citizens living in Ramtekdi.

    The seniors were screened for common age-related eye diseases such as cataracts, refractive errors etc. As a new initiative, we screened the seniors for diabetic retinopathy and Age Related Macular Degeneration.

    200 seniors have been evaluated out of which 48 seniors were diagnosed with cataract and were referred to AFMC hospital for further evaluation and free cataract surgery.

    For 22 seniors who were evaluated, a date for Surgery was scheduled and for the remaining 26 seniors investigations are in progress.

    So far 15 seniors have undergone surgery and are in recovering stage and others are in pipeline.

    Along with AFMC, we are going to be conducting more camps in the coming months so that the entire senior citizens population is screened and common visual issues are addressed.

    Lastly, SRCF would like to acknowledge the self less work done by the Ophthalmology Department of AFMC and also highlight the community mobilization effort of the SRCF team as well.

    For more information, please email us at or call on 9595157011 / 8380097015

Eye Camp at Ramtekdi

The second Eye Screening Camp was organised by SRCF team at Ramtekdi on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

Senior Ophthalmologists and 3rd year MBBS students from AFMC had come to screen the elders for age-related eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, cataract, macular degeneration and other eye conditions.

Detailed eye check up was done to all the 253 patients who were registered at the camp out of which 95 were senior citizens. Patients with severe issues were referred to AFMC hospital for further investigations and treatment. There were 5 elders who were transferred immediately to the hospital for emergency evaluation. Counselling was given to the patients who needed surgical treatment and free cataract surgery is planned for 14 elders at AFMC hospital. Free spectacles will be given to 19 senior citizens by SRCF.

Different kinds of eye conditions that was screened in this camp is IMSC, Refractive errors, Diabetic Retinopathy, dry eye and other eye conditions.

The focus of this camp is to detect the eye diseases at early stage before it causes irreversible blindness. SRCF is planing to do more such eye camps and cover the entire senior citizens living in Ramtekdi and surrounding slums.

For more information, please email us at or call on 9595157011 / 8380097015.

Activity Trackers for Senior Citizens

SRCF team along with AFMC has started a pilot project to tackle chronic diseases among the elderly in Ramtekdi slum.

Some months ago, a WHO questionnaire on Activity Levels and Participation Rates was conducted on the elders (>60) in Ramtekdi. We found a high incidence of Diabetes ( ~25%). Since diabetes causes numerous complications which are debilitating and expensive to treat, SRCF to proactively address this situation.

Since exercise is critical for diabetes management, we decided to encourage the participants in the study to exercise. We have given the participants, pedometers which help track the number of steps they take everyday. Also, since timely medications are very important, we have set up an sms reminder facility for the elders. In addition, every week the participants visit Anandchaya, our OPD center in Ramtekdi and we track the numbers of step and help the senior citizens plan their medicines intake using pill boxes. We aim to carry out this study for a period of 3 months and every fortnight the participants will be counseled and shown short films on various aspects of disease management – diet, exercise, wound care etc. We are aiming to reduce the HbA1C reading by at least one point and to measure the outcome, SRCF has carried out study and recording of the HbA1C reading at the start of the intervention. This will be repeated at the end of 3 months to measure the success of the impact. Further, SRCF has through its IT partner have developed data recording and management tools so the entire study will be largely paperless.

We aim to validate this intervention and replicate this across other slums in Pune.

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Haldi Kumkum Ceremony

Haldi kumkum ceremony was organised by SRCF women at SRCF’s Anandchaya centre, Ramtekdi on 18th Jan 2018. It was a social gathering for women staying in the Ramtekdi slum area. The beneficiaries were all from economically weaker sections and senior citizens. Total 70 elders visited the centre. The SRCF women exchanged haldi (turmeric) and kumkum (vermilion powder) and distributed Tb Neurobion forte 1 strip to all the elders.
The ceremony was a get-together and the main motive being to educate people with basic awareness about health and gifting medicine.

SRCF is a registered not for profit organization and to contribute please contact us on +91 9595157011 or email at

When it comes to health, there is no ‘them’ only ‘US’

As an organization, we strongly believe that all individuals, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or economic status, should have access to the best possible medical care. In keeping with this belief, we established ‘Anand Chhaya’ – a medical facility in Ramtekdi, Pune which is one of the largest slums in Pune.

Over the past two months, we have supported the residents by extending Medical and Physiotherapy services at our Facility as well as at their homes.

We constantly endeavour to reach out to the largest number of people not only for treatment purposes but also for spreading awareness about different health conditions.

In January of this year, we conducted a health camp to create awareness about the importance of physio-therapeutic interventions and exercises in managing chronic orthopaedic ailments such as Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, etc.

In February, we held a medical camp to address problems related to Diabetes and Hypertension. The team focussed on creating awareness about the common yet life impacting medical conditions, their early identification and effective management to avoid further complications. The camp was attended by 83 residents of the community, showing their active participation in improving their community’s health on the whole.

On International Woman’s Day, next week, our team is working towards assessing overall health of women in the community with a focus on Diabetes, Anaemia and Breast Cancer.

If you would like SRCF to conduct health camps in your community of choice, please feel free to contact us.

​Email us on or call us on +91 8380087045.

Not all treasure is Silver and Gold

According to a Chinese proverb, ‘If a family has an old person in it, it possesses a jewel’. However, most families are unable to look after their elders. Hectic work schedules, relocation, looking after their own families are some of the reasons why children are unable to provide their seniors with the kind of support and time that the latter requires. For some seniors, many days pass before they interact with anyone. Thus, SRCF envisioned a Community driven Senior Citizen Care Program with an underlying belief that the communities must support their seniors.

SRCF has tied up with Salunke Vihar Society and has started a Senior Citizen Care Program for its residents. Already in its first phase, SRCF has identified seniors who will benefit the most from this program and will provide monthly medical check-ups (including vital monitoring, systemic examination), besides assessing safety standards, providing health education, setting up an emergency plan, and advise accordingly. Regular monitoring can help prevent future emergencies and reduce worsening of existing medical conditions.

To know more about the Senior Citizen Care Program or to introduce it in your housing society, Email us: on or call us on +91 9579357008.

Senior Citizens: Silent spectators vs. Active participants

Doing things for others always brings us pleasure. But it is even more gratifying when our efforts are recognized and people approach us to organize events for them. After attending last month’s Drum Circle event, which received a great response from the participants, a member of the Senior Citizen Association of Salisbury Park, approached Team SRCF to conduct a similar event for their members. Doctors from the Pune Adventist Hospital also attended the event and were active participants of this spirited group.

Like last month’s Drum Circle all seniors, barring one, had no experience with Drums. However that did not stop them from being eager and active participants. Our partner for Drum Circle events, Taal Inc., conducted another wonderful session. The participants were attentive and charged, and didn’t miss a beat making us at SRCF wonder why the usual events for seniors were limited to meditation, yoga and lectures.

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