Dropping in love when you are bipolar

Dropping in love when you are bipolar

Kate Leaver informs us why it is well worth the chance

In the event that you’ve ever held it’s place in love, you’ll recognize. It’s a beautiful, delicate, terrifying thing. The feeling of learning to adore another human being, high on the hope that they’ll love you back at first, it’s all giddy intoxication.

Love is, most likely, a surge of dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin – the chemical compounds accountable for comfort, exhilaration and pleasure. For a chemically person that is stable it is chaos enough. Picture, then, a mind attempting to navigate the rush of love through the fog of despair, or mania. Imagine somebody with manic depression, falling in love.

Exactly just What madness that must definitely be.

The start

We met my boyfriend, Jono, in the office. He had been making a musical, published by a woman called Brigitte Aphrodite, about her despair. I became initial journalist to interview Brigitte, and provided just how natural the show ended up being she had her whole production team huddled close for her. Continue reading “Dropping in love when you are bipolar”