It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark

Technology, Education and Digital Talks, more commonly known as TED Talks, are famous all over world for their mission of spreading ideas that could change the world. The talks cover almost all the topics under the sun, including Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type.

In June 2012, a fellow TED speaker, Alanna Shaikh, spoke about how she was preparing to get Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). A neurodegenerative disease, AD causes problems in thinking, communication and memory and gradually affects the daily functioning of the individual. Alanna spoke about her father’s 12 year journey with AD, and also spoke about how she plans not to only to prevent herself from getting it, but to go a step further and prepare herself for getting it.

Following leading research, she has started focussing on improving her physical health, to combat gait and mobility issues she could face in the future as a result of AD. She has also started cultivating hands on activities as hobbies (such as knitting and origami) to get her hands familiar to the activities, so that in case she does get AD, she will have hobbies to fall back on and keep herself busy (Read more at

At our Elder Day Care Centre in Wanowarie, recreational activities and physical therapy activities form 2 of the pillars of our intervention programs designed for our elders with Dementia.

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