Memories – Return tickets to moments long gone

Memories are a beautiful thing. They let us relive a million feelings, a thousand thoughts, our childhood, and our youth. They are a way for us to hold onto things we love and the things we never want to lose. We are able to remember and cherish most of our ‘firsts’ thanks to them – our first friend, pet, salary, car, love. The day we graduated, got married, had kids, saw them get married, etc., are moments we will cherish till the end. They also help us feel the love and warmth of our dear ones, no longer with us.

These memories, which we consider a blessing and take for granted, are exactly what Persons with Dementia (PwDs) start losing. A neuro-degenerative disease, Dementia affects the memory of the PwDs, robbing them of moments they once held close to their hearts.

The month of September is celebrated globally as ‘World Alzheimer’s Month’ to create awareness in public about Dementia and to fight the stigma related to it. To address these very same issues, SRCF has started an Elder Dementia Day Care Centre at Wanowarie, in Pune.

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