The best thing about Memories is making them

Dr. David Perlmutter, an American Neurologist, has stated Dementia to be our most feared illness, more than heart disease or cancer. This is because Dementia, a neuro-degenerative disease, affects the person’s memory, language and thinking.

The loss of memory coupled with deficits in language and thinking, result in confusion and irritability for the PwD. This is distressing for the PwDs and their caregivers as well. The caregivers find it difficult to communicate and relate to the PwD. But there are a number of ways to engage the PwDs in interactive activities.

Like Simon McDermott found for his father. Ted McDermott, a keen singer and a PwD, is found to come “back in the room”, whenever songs from his era are played. He sings along his favourite songs, and his son accompanies him, enjoying every moment of creating new memories with his father (Read more at –

Different such innovative approaches are employed in our Dementia Day Care Program to increase interaction of the PwDs.

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